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The Products

U.K. railway modelling is our focus, most of what we do is aimed at "OO" 4mm to the foot scale, with lots of things for 2mm N-gauge too. We produce fine details to add to standard models by Hornby, Bachmann, Graham Farish, Heljan, Lima and Wrenn. Plus items produced specially for "O" 7mm to the foot scale models, such as kits from Just Like The Real Thing, and some big things for G-scale, mainly Aristocraft 1:29th. Nameplates and numbers, roof destination and headboards, lining and other livery details, for both modern and historic subjects. Our label and decal details can be made permanent when painting a model, or can be used as removable additions without damaging prized collectibles. We specialise in things you won't find anywhere else and are happy to quote for custom order work including printing your own designs for model decal transfers, labels or as 3D models.

Our four areas of operation are:
  - self-adhesive labels, various materials including vinyl, waterproof & metallics
  - water-slide decals, sometimes called transfers, clear, white or even no carriers
  - 3D printing & scanning, stereolithography, the most precise & robust objects
  - finished model commissions, model accessories, tools & other supplies
Our label and decal productions start with real life photographs, manipulated to scale and traced over to create new images. We then employ the best resolution that modern colour printing allows to produce details that are exactly like the real thing, but smaller. For most items, all you need do is cut around the images with fine scissors or a sharp craft knife, then remove from the backing sheet and place on the appropriate rolling stock. Guidance is given on the usage and placement of details, for example what type of coach carried a given name and the running order of Pullman Cars in a Pullman train. Most of our packs include a separate sheet of instructions, with tips such as loosening the backing sheet on self-adhesive labels before cutting out. In case you need more, our packs usually contain spare copies or alternative images. For further general details, such as materials used and how to work with them, click on the button below.

News & Latest Releases
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Our newest ordering pages are
listed below, as well as in the
various site sections:

  K21/22/23/24-A/B/C Modern Motorcycles .
   D126-* FGW Local Lines DMUs Classes 150/2, 153, 158 (2mm N, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   K20-A/B/C/D Large Telegraph Poles 3D Prints (N 2mm & 4mm OO)
   Review our developments prior to 2018!
Also finished, just waiting on ordering pages - please Contact Us to order these items:
  • [PIC] 43300 Craigentinny 100 decals & label headboard to modify a Virgin HST model.
  • [PIC] 66727 "Maritime One" GBRf & 66005/047/142 DB Maritime livery.
  • [PIC] 47580 "County of Essex" with flags, Kenny Cockbird & dedication plate.
  • [PIC] 43186 "60 Glorious Years" Queen's Diamond Jubilee livery HST.
  • [PIC] "Cassiopeia" ex-ETL Class 86 in Bulmarket Bulgarian livery.
  • [PIC] Europhoenix Rail Operations Group Class 37s 37601, 37608, 37800 & 37884 decals.
  • Europhoenix logo repainted grey Class 37s 37608 & 37611 decals.
  • Europhoenix Plain Blue Class 37s 37608 & 37611 decals.
  • [PIC] Rail Operations Group Riviera Blue Class 47s.
  • [PIC] Rail Operations Group 47813/5 New Spot Patch Livery with names.
  • Europhoenix Colas Rail 56096 decals.
  • Arriva Train Care 08868 decals
  • [PIC] 253001 W43002 "Sir Kenneth Grange" "40 Years" HST decals including plates
  • [PIC] Plain Blue 92018/33/38, 87002 "Royal Sovereign", 86401 "Mons Meg", 86101 "Sir William A Stanier F R S",
    67004 "Cairn Gorm" & 67010 - note R3-Sprays have the Serco license for 4mm Stag logos and coach decals
  • [PIC] 67029 & 82146 DB manager's train silver "Royal Diamond" engine & DVT decals
  • [PIC] DBS Red 08907 / 08623 decals
  • DBS Red 67027 decals
  • DBS Pullman Livery 67024 decals
  • DBS Red 90018/29/36/40 decals with names
  • Large DB Red 90019 or 90028 decals with names
  • "DB" cabside logos for ex-EWS 66 engines, numbers & names: 66172 "Paul Melleney", 66002/43/53/65/88/98/99/103/137/145/150/155**/156*/171/172**/176/197, * smaller numbers one side, ** no nose logos
  • 66200 "Railway Heritage Committee" faded EWS, numbers & names,
  • [PIC] 60065 "Spirit of Jaguar" with "DB" logos, faded numbers & names,
  • [PIC] 60031 "ABP Connect" faded numbers & EWS letters,
  • [PIC] EWS/EW&S Pristine/White-Fade-Pattern Lettering, Numbers Plus Nameplates - lots of options
  • [PIC] [PIC] 60059 faded Load Haul logos and numbers for "Swinden Dalesman",
  • 47287 removed Railfreight Distribution lettering dirt pattern & mini tunnel logos,
  • 37079 Medite MSC faded Speedlink Distribution logos,
  • [PIC] Greater Anglia, Abellio Greater Anglia or National Express East Anglia Class 90 decals
  • [PIC] Balfour Beatty 20142 & 20189 decals
  • 56098 "Lost Boys 68-88" UK Rail decals
  • [PIC] 37197 Riley & Son (E) Ltd Bury decals
  • 08650 "Isle of Grain" Aggregate Industries decals
  • GBRf 50007/14/49 decals
  • GBRf EuroPorte orange logo & 66711 numbers for Fox Transfers Aggregate Industries decals
  • [PIC] GB Railfreight 60095 decals
  • [PIC] GB Railfreight 66725 "Sunderland" decals
  • GBRf Europorte 66735 "Peterborough United" decals
  • GB Railfreight 66780 Cemex decals and labels
  • GB Railfreight 66783 "The Flying Dustman" Biffa decals and labels
  • [PIC] GBRf 66789 "British Rail 1948-1997" decals and labels
  • [PIC] GBRf 66779 "Evening Star" decals and labels
  • [PIC] GBRf EuroPorte 20901 & 20905 decals
  • [PIC] GBRf 59003 "Yeoman Highlander" decals
  • [PIC] GBRf EuroPorte 66747/8/9 Grey ex Dutch decals
  • [PIC] GB Railfreight 73961/2 "Dick Mabbutt" decals
  • GB Railfreight 73212 "Fiona" decals
  • DC Rail Freight 56103 with Devon & Cornwall Railway roundels,
  • DC Rail new livery for 31601 "Devon Diesel Society",
  • [PIC] [PIC] DC Rail new livery for 56312 "Jeremiah Dixon",
  • Similar DC Rail new livery for the un-named 56311,
  • [PIC] Rail Fest 2012 DCR 56312 Class 56 Decals,
  • [PIC] Colas Rail Freight 67023 + 67027 decals,
  • [PIC] [PIC] Colas Rail Freight Class 37 - 37175/421/219 Jonty Jarvis plates, original hats - 37254 Cardiff Canton/37116/099 Merl Evans plates, new hats,
  • [PIC] [PIC] Colas Rail Freight Class 56s - 56078/87/94/105/302 original hats, new hats 56049 or 56302 "Peco",
  • [PIC] [PIC] Colas Rail Freight original hats 60021/76 "Dunbar" Tarmac/85/87 "CLIC Sargent",
  • Decals for Colas Rail Freight Class 60 - 60026/47/56/96 - with the new hats,
  • [PIC] Colas Rail Freight Class 70 - choose 70801 to 70806, new hats,
  • [PIC] [PIC] Decals for Colas Rail Freight livery Class 86 - 86701 "Orion",
  • First decals for 87022 "Cock o' the North" & 87028 "Lord President",
  • [PIC] Decals for "ACRP Association of Community Rail Partnerships" 87019,
  • Decals for Network Rail yellow 86901 "Chief Engineer" & 86902 "Rail Vehicle Engineering",
  • [PIC] Decals for Network Rail branded HQA* auto-ballasters, reworking Railtrack wagons,
  • Network Rail DBSO decals for 9701/8/14
  • [PIC] Harry Needle "HNRail" orange 20311 & 20314 decals
  • [PIC] Railway Support Services (RSS) 08464 "Captain Nathaniel Darell", 08670 and others.
  • [PIC] Hunslet 08401 or 08873 decals
  • [PIC] Ffestiniog Railway coats of arms & coach "First" markings
  • [PIC] Welsh Highland Railway coach coats of arms decals 4mm and 7mm
  • 33025 ex DRS decals,
  • 37501 British Steel Teesrail Teesside Steelmaster decals,
  • [PIC] Fertis Class 56 & 58 decals,
  • [PIC] Railtrack Class 73 decals,
  • [PIC] Decals for blue livery Virgin Class 86 "Caledonian" 86245,
  • [PIC] Intermodal 45-foot container decals for G 1:29th and 7mm O - Maersk, Maersk Sealand, Evergreen,
  • [PIC] Cross Country Trains Class 170 web address extra adverts,
  • [PIC] Class 150 First Great Western & ex-Silverlink FGW decals for 150121/7,
  • [PIC] Northern Rail "N" logos & Serco/Abellio lettering, with unit numbers for Pacer, 158, etc.,
  • Porterbrook 144 Evolution Northern Pacer 144.,
  • [PIC] Northern Rail "Dots" livery for 158s (other unit types coming).,
  • [PIC] South West Trains logo decals, with unit numbers and markings,
  • [PIC] East Midlands Trains logo decals, HST and Mk3 sets,
  • [PIC] Midland Mainline Limited logo decals for HST and Mk3 vehicles,
  • London Midland & City Trains logo decals, Class 27x sets,
  • [PIC] Tiphook Rail big "R" bar, curtain wagon, and auto-ballaster hopper wagon decals,
  • ICI Chlor-Chemicals Caustic Soda Tank decals,
  • Murco tanker wagon decals with three logo versions, Tiphook and CAIB types,
  • [PIC] Cerestar Gruppo Ferruzzi PCA and large hopper complete wagon decal sets,
  • [PIC] [PIC] Curtain wagon decals Cargowaggon, Easiloader, Transferry & Norsk Hydro Fertilizers,
  • [PIC] RMC Roadstone wagon logo decals,
  • [PIC] Railfreight Metals covered wagon logo decals,
  • [PIC] ECC International hopper wagon logo decals,
  • Anhydrous Ammonia hopper lettering decals,
  • [PIC] D400 Rail Magazine celebrity Class 50 decal details,
  • Ribble Cement Class 17 Clayton decals for O-gauge 7mm models,
  • [PIC] Custom order modern livery engine numbering decals, including EWS or EW&S lettering,
  • [PIC] GWR engine number custom order decals, lined or unlined, with colour spots,
  • Shed plate custom order decals, anything you want in an oval plate,
  • [PIC] Depot crests - Gateshead, Old Oak Common, Powys, York,
  • [PIC] Depot creatures - Thornaby kingfishers, Tinsley snails, Margam sheep, Highland Rail stags, Slug & Fox
  • [PIC] Depot picture panels - Bescot, Landore, Plymouth Liara, St Blazey, Toton,
  • [PIC] Depot plaques - every one of the diamond details ever made,
  • Vehicle number plate decals - cars, trucks, bikes - any scale or type custom order,
  • Class 57 number decals and silver foil name/number plates,
  • [PIC] Class 47 silver foil name/number plates Windsor Castle, Prince William & Henry,
  • The Talisman pack - roofboards and headboards,
  • [PIC] The Master Cutler pack - Pullman roofboards and various headboards,
  • [PIC] Magnetic fitting coach roof boards and steel etched brackets.

Label packs for OO (4mm) scale unless noted, arranged by B.R. region in numerical order under linked index pages.
Including "Bournemouth Belle" & "Golden Arrow" (With O 7mm & N 2mm packs)
Including "Flying Scotsman" & "Queen Of Scots" (With O 7mm packs)
Including "Royal Scot" & "Caledonian" (With N 2mm & O 7mm packs)
Including "Cheltenham Flyer" & "South Wales Pullman" (With N 2mm & O 7mm)
Modern Headcodes, Pullman Names, Luggage Labels (With N 2mm & O 7mm)
Specify "Anything You Want" Roof Boards & Pullman Name Panels (With N 2mm)
Notes:The inter-region cross-country Pines Express appears in the Southern section.
 The North Wales Welsh Dragon appears with Colas Rail 57002 vinyls in the Midland section.
 For the Southern Railway's Devon Belle & Atlantic Coast Express see the B.R. Western section.
 Our true scale metallic foil label headboards are listed under the Various section.

Water-slide transfer packs are mostly for OO (4mm), each menu also has options for G 1:29th, O 7mm & N 2mm.
Engine Numbers, Nameplates & Painted Names For Specific Engines
Private Companies, Depot Markings, Data Panels, Light Lenses, Grills & Flags
Pullman Names, Wagon Logo Brandings, Tarpaulins, Warning Flashes & Signs
   ALPS/OKI Model Decal Transfer Printing Service Details & Colour Chart
Notes:Details for HST, DMU/EMU multiple units appear in the Liveries sections.
 For decals to put on most coaches, DVTs & wagons, see the Stock section.
 If you're looking to have your own designs for decals printed, click on Custom.

Our 3D printing & scanning service with durable, flexible, clear and variously coloured materials.
Get small detailed 3D designs printed robustly with the industry best smooth finish.
Make investment casting prints to create moulds from or enjoy the finest lithophane pictures.
   3D Printing & Scanning Services
Notes: Formlabs Stereolithography (SLA) UV-laser cured liquid resin 3D printing,
From £1.50 per gram depending on resin type.
  Matter and Form precision 3D laser scanning, £10 per scan.
  Our own 3D printed model parts are on sale in the Marketplace section below.

Our growing marketplace section for all the other great things you can buy through this site!
Special finished models, made by others using our labels & decals in OO (4mm), G 1:29th, O 7mm & N 2mm.
  Finished Model Commissions, Model Accessories, Tools & Supplies
Notes: Our one-off commissioned models will usually not be repeated, get them while you can.
 We may run out of stock on some items - you will be warned of any delays to orders.

Feature Articles
  What the press and our customers have said - direct quotes.Sep 2016
  A little about us - from our launch sixteen years ago.Sep 2016
  Photos from the MIGO+1 O-gauge layout exhibition 14-15th.Jun 2008
  Developments at Hornby, Bachmann & Keen Systems.May 2008
  From Bullet Trains to Preserved steam plus wayside gardens.Jun 2007
  The modern luxury Mk2 Pullman train and Hornby models.Jan 2006
  Preserved steam at Crewe Works with FM Rail's new 47.Sep 2005
  Which real Pullmans the OO and N models were based on.Aug 2003
  How Precision Labels were developed for crested boards.Sep 2002

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Orders for our labels and decals can be placed by telephone or email with our stockists listed on the right. At the same time you could of course purchase appropriate models to decorate with our products. If you wish to telephone a stockist from outside the U.K., strip the leading zero and replace it with country code "44" for the U.K. phone numbers listed opposite.

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For purchases of labels or decals made on-line through this site, there is a flat fee of £1.75 per order to anywhere.
Our stockists may vary shipping charges depending on the size of the items, order weight and destination.
Prints of 3D models will post within the U.K. for £1.75 per order, international shipping charges will be more.
Items from our Marketplace have higher shipping charges and international customers will need to ask for a quote.
We usually ship using Royal Mail to the address you specify in PayPal within 28 days, typically less a week.
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Further Links

Shunting Challenge
In association with Neil Machin, we are pleased to bring you a little light entertainment. The task is to place wagons in particular sidings and finish with a correctly made up train. It's fascinating to move the train, change the points and use the uncouplers. The dynamic graphics are designed to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (4.0 or later) - a unique award winning site!

Riverside Yard

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Our labels and decals are currently stocked by the following independent retailers:

Frizinghall Models & Railways, Bradford
Tel: 01274 747 447       Fax: 01274 739 680
- for "Train Traders" commission selling collectables.
Alton Model Centre, Hampshire
Bachmann "Retailer of the year 2002"
Tel: 01420 542 244       Fax: 01420 544 463


We are often asked about signage, and there are several excellent suppliers of such things:

Looking for historic totem lozenge style station names, see "Station Signs"

For modern image model signs, "Ten Commandments" have a custom service

For advertising panels, "Tiny Signs" are now sold through Gaugemaster

For faded brick painted adverts, "Ghost-Signs" have a fascinating range


We try not to duplicate the offerings of other manufacturers, but where there is an overlap our version will of course be the most precise:

For most standard lettering and numbering transfers, check out "Fox Transfers"

Mainly decals for 4mm OO scale, with some N 2mm etched nameplates, "ModelMaster"

With a range of standard historic insignia, emblems and lining transfers, "HMRS"

With a different type of rub-on media, very useful numbers, emblems and lining transfers, "Replica Railways"

For licensed Direct Rail Services (DRS) & 4mm Serco Caledonian Sleeper Stags, "Rainbow Railways", formely "R3-Sprays"

Mainly known for N-gauge, for further full side panel vinyls, "Electra Railway Graphics"

For wagon decal details, "Cambridge Custom Tranfers"

For a selection of useful detail decals "RailTec Models"

For other types of custom decal printing, with rub-down, vinyl and even fabric dye-sub, "Approved"

For a wide range of etched nameplates and headboards, "Shawplan Model Products"

Specifically for 7mm O-gauge, making excellent etchings, "Severn Mill Nameplates"

For custom order etched nameplates, "Narrow Planet"

For custom re-painting and model making, "Roads and Rails"

For impressive buildings and lineside details, "Peedie Models"

For a collection of other like-minded web sites...

UK Model Railways Web Community
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